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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

You are not kidding anyone Gordon!

Who does Gordon Brown think he’s kidding when he says that he’s doing the best he can for the British Armed Forces?
He reckons that each year the government is increasing the budget for the Armed Forces.
As the Armed Forces are fighting two wars together, Iraq and Afghanistan, so it should be getting increased every year.
A good method of working out how committed the government is about spending our countries riches on Defence issues is realising how many percent of it is actually spent. Well, it’s about half of what it was when there was just a threat of war in the middle of the 1980s.
While all this is going on, the position of Defence Secretary has been reduced to a recreational role for the miserable Des Browne, who also has the honour of being Secretary for Scotland.
Reality of the issue is that Our Brave Boys fighting these two unjustified wars are famished of necessary tools and kit, and are forced to live in squalor self-esteem and confidence at the lowest point imaginable. Also, for risking their lives daily, they’re being paid the lowest wages out of all the Government Backed Jobs.
The protectors of this country’s’ rights deserve far better.
One senior Army officer who was expected to run the Army one day has already relinquished his post in revulsion; I wonder who will go next?
And now Gordon Brown has been told by five past chiefs of defences about how disgusting his behaviour has been towards Our Boys in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Get your head out of the sand and take a look at the complete picture Gordan. Do the right thing. You wouldn’t like it if it was happening to yourself or your own son would you?
Same way, these boys too are some ones child and are human beings.
Give them what they’re entitled to and what they deserve. Better Pay, Better Living Conditions, and Better Equipment!


flats said...

Im start hating this guy mate, Gordon is a loser, im waiting his first poo to start hitting him. cheers

Estabilizador e Nobreak said...
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