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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Fruits of Patience.

Yeh it has been a rather nerve racking experience at times, so much so that I've thought about quitting so many times, especially in the early days of my working for Summit Media.
The way I managed to get my head around the whole thing is by stepping back from the situation and looking at the bigger picture, not just the here, now and today, but in two, three, four....... years time. I can just feel it in my water that if I stick it out here at Summit Media for at least 18 months to 2 years, not only will I have become skilled at the art of web-design, but also I would hopefully had become a true SEO superstar.
The saying "Patience is a Virtue" could come true for me. I'm gonna persevere with patience, and hopefully at the end of it all I shall be bearing sweet fruits,
If it all makes sense to all those reading.

1 comment:

Abu Ibrahim said...

All of this training sounds great! And you have pretty much said it when you say the value of the training is priceless. All of this seems as if you are working towards a very prized goal, am I right in saying so? Is there something in particular that you wish to do with all of this training in good time?