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Friday, 24 August 2007

Too many blogs are not too healthy!!

Hi again you great people, I haven't posted anything on this blog lately because I've been busy working. Well I'm not blaming it all on work, some of the blame must lay with the fact that I have got another 4 blogs on the go. It appears to be as though there is no limit as to how many blogs you can create with Google, which is why I've ended up with 5 blogs, and now I don't feel like getting rid of them.
The difficulty lays with adding new content to them, thus regularly updating them, which helps pass regular traffic through your blog-site. If you never added new content to your blog, it would probably end up getting buried in the deepest of Google archives that ever existed.
It all started out as a new experience for me. I was new to the whole game of Internet, but now that I've been in it for a few months, I've realised that you're probably far better off having just 1 or 2 blogs and comitting yourself to them fully, rather than have 5 and then struggle to find content to add to them on a regular basis.
Alot of people create blogs for fun or to keep and share personal diaries with their families and freinds. However there are some people who use them to generate money from them. This is something that I'm not gonna get into at the moment, but worry not, because I will bring it up another time.
Meantime, I've gotta admit it's been emotional, and it's a really long week-end ahead of us. So all those who read this post have a great weekend.


modesty said...

yeah, i can't even update one regularly! ha ha. i guess it's just not for me. I've always been like that, if i go ahead with doing something which i don't really want to do. So, my blog,would be one of those that get "buried in the deepest of Google archives that ever existed"!!!

(",) (",) (",) said...

i was wondering, how much money do you get every time someone visits an add by google? i have an idea!!