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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sod Fair Trade!!

What's wrong with the do gooders of this country, moaning about how cheap childrens school uniforms are?
Haven't these sad people got anything better to do?
I remember when I was at school, school uniforms costed an arm and a leg, it was ridiculous. Nowadays it seems quite possible to pick up a school uniform for about £10.00. Brilliant I say. So bloody what if some poor kid in a third world country is having to work extra long hours. They get paid a wage proportionate to their standard of living, they choose to do this work, no one forces them. I guess you could say that they are forced by fate, but never the less, in my opinion there's nothing wrong with buying one thing cheaper than buying the same thing for a higher price.
Don't get me wrong people, I do feel for these people and children but the facts of the matter are that if I can buy something cheaper from Morrisons, then why the heck should I go to the corner shop and pay more of my hard earned cash for the same product? It just aint gonna happen!!
I'm sure I can't be the only one thinking like this.
Fair Trade they call it. Sod Fair Trade I say!!! They're all a bunch of theiving gits!! Collecting money under the umbrella of good causes, but how much out of each dollar or pound goes to the charity itself, and how much goes into the box marked ADMINISTRATION COSTS?
Another thing, all you people out there who believe in this Fair Trade garbage, stick with it, pay £50.00 for exactly the same product that I'll pay only £20.00.


modesty said...

ha ha ha.. yeah it does make sence, hey, could you please answer my question. i really wanted to know. i don't know who else to ask.

Jay Khan said...

Apologies Modesty, I haven't looked up my blog lately so didn't know if any one had left a comment.
In answer to your question. We're not talking tons of money, we're just talking pennies for each time some one visits the adds. I guess it's more of a set it up, regularly update, and forget about it thing and let it build up over a few months thing. There's a lot more to it though, you can do little bits and direct more traffic to your site. Let me know if you want to know how!
Hope that's helpful to you.

modesty1 said...

Hey, yeah that does help. Coz i was thinking maybe we could attract people by paying them, for example if they visit our site 10 times they'll br rewarded x amount. I mean i wanted to know exactly how much it is each time someone visits and exactly how much it is for all the different things they do on a blog, that way i can work out if it would actually work. I mean even if it is only 1p that we give them for each time that they visit, it's good, its great! Will you be paid 10 times if i was to visit your blog 10 times in a day? I need more information, so that i understand how it works, coz right now, i'm just guessing! Get back to me with all the info please. And also, do you get paid for people leaving comments, if so, how much. It would be nioce if you could tell me all that you can get paid for for with the amount.

p.s. I'm modesty1 because they wont let me use my old account!