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Friday, 7 September 2007

Maddys' parents should be charged with something!

So then, little Madeleine McCanns parents are now suspects. I had a feeling from the beginning of this whole saga that the parents look guilty.
They just seemed too calm through this whole event. I've seen many people in similar situations, but these people were complete wrecks, like their whole lives were turned upside down, but these two people seemed so chilled and so relaxed, always looking sharp and smart.
It now comes to light that the parents used to feed little Maddy mild sedatives to put her to sleep so that they could spend some time alone. How selfish!!
Then the mother had the cheek to say that, "leaving Maddy in an appartment next door to a restaraunt, in a strange country, is no different from them leaving the child asleep in the bedroom while they have dinner in the garden at home".
Erm......I don't think so you stupid, selfish woman, it's totally different! You're not even in the same property, you couldn't even see or hear Maddy, so it was nothing like being at home while the child was asleep upstairs.
Personally I'm glad that the parents are now suspects. I think that they should be charged with something, even if they didn't murder Maddy. There should atleast be a charge of gross neglect slapped on there faces.
Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with little Maddy where ever the dear child is. And I'm off for the weekend now, so all of you who read my blog, Happy Weekend!!

1 comment:

Meg said...

It will never cease to amaze me just how judgemental some people can be particularly when like Blow Bubblez they have no first hand knowledge of the situation. Also taking what the media feed us as the gospel truth is at best foolish and at worst dangerous.

The fact is children have been taken from their beds while their parents sleep in the next room. There would not be one parent out there that has not had a lapse in vigilence when it comes to supervising their children, thank goodness it rarely leads to a terrible outcome.