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Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Experts on national statistics believe that the population of our great country is on its way up by a ginormous 15,000,000 million residents.
This is due to the United Kingdoms baby boom within the female immigrants.
By around 2050, we will see our population soar to around 80,000,000.
With this many inhabitants, we will need many more schools, hospitals, prisons, and any other service you can think of.
I've always said that whichever government is in power, should limit the number of immigrants allowed to enter the UK. Whether they be legal, or illegal!
Once the quota's filled, that's it, "You are not coming in pal"!
Put more border patrols in place. You fleece enough money out of all the hard working, honest person in the country. Put it to good use-Stop the cheats and illegal immigrants from entering the UK for a start!
Take heed from mistakes made from about a decade ago, when the threat of terrorists slipping into our country was transpiring. Labour did nothing at the time, and look at allthe worries the whole nation is having to deal with.
I just hope our future governments can see what's coming, a "POPULATION OVERLOAD", and do something about it before it's too late!

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