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Thursday, 1 November 2007

Echoes of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has suggested that if American President, George Bush, carries on the way he is going, that there is every chance that we could see another episode of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Most European countries are rightly worried, that George Bush is scheming to use Europe to screen the North of the Americas from a Russian Missile attack, which quite simply is a figment of the Bush Administrations imagination, and does not exist.

The reality is that, by Bush planning such things, our regions, thousands of miles away from America, are now threatened by instability.

Russia were just carrying on with normal day to day life, until Mr Bush announced that he wants a Defence System built at Russia’s door step.

For those who don’t remember, in the early 60s, the world wobbled on the verge of the mother of all wars, the end of the world, because America were able to make Russia halt the exportation of around 100 missiles to Cuba, which lays about 100 miles away from America.

Nowadays, it seems as though the roles have slightly reversed, because now it’s the Russians turn to feel endangered, as the Bush Administration is planning to erect a number of anti missile bases dotted around Europe, including one in Poland. How much more close can America get to Russia? I’d say any closer and they’d be inside Russia.

The whole world knows that Russia is no idiot and possesses a vast amount of Nuclear Power. And with America behaving like the bully it has been doing so for many years now, there is a realistic chance there will be another Arms Race.
Just to safeguard themselves from a threat that only exists in their imagination; they are prepared to risk the stability of Europe.

Why can’t so many countries grow a backbone and side on the side of right, think of their own safety, not get intimidated by a bully, be assertive and refuse to let Bush use their lands to build his little toys.
Don’t forget that this is the same Bush that has made such a mess of Iraq, and has not exactly made any good decisions on any other policy in the Middle East.

I find it hard to understand how a person, who is responsible for the deaths of so many innocent Americans and Iraqis, not to mention any others, can stand in front of the world and give speeches. The guy is truly a failed President and has no shame.

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