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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Stevey Mac, Wake Up!

Football is a diificult and un-predictable game. Which is more the reason why no one could have ever predicted that the England football team manager, Steve McLaren, would decide to travel thousands of miles to Los Angeles on a weird scouting mission to see how David Beckham was performing lately.
What's wrong with that then?
The simple answer is, nothing.
However, when you realise that Beckhams football team, LA Galaxy were in-fact playing an unknown pub team which consisted of a 48 year old goalkeeper and a bunch of Hollywood actors, you should be able to work out that there is absolutely no point in wasting time on watching Beckham play such a team.
I have a feeling that McLaren likes to ice skate, especially so on thin ice.
I am of the opinion that McLaren's running out of time. November 28 2007 is the date of Englands must win Euro Qualifier match against Croatia.
I don't understand what Mac could have possibly achieved from this trip to LA, other than to cost the Football Association a few thousand pounds.
Another thought that crosses my mind is that LA Galaxy are presently manager-less. Perhaps McLaren would rather manage them.
Wake up Stevey boy, or go and manage LA Galaxy and let some one else, more committed take England to victory.

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