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Friday, 16 November 2007

Dream Land for Boozers

The United Kingdom is fast becoming a boozing mad dream land.
Just take a trip down to one of the leading supermarkets near you and you can buy yourself four cans of lager for under a quid. This, according to my maths is cheaper than a two litre bottle of Pepsi Cola, and further equates to people being able to get smashed for less than a pound coin.

I’m sure everyone’s up for a good deal on something they want. However, personally I would hold these big supermarkets responsible for all the people getting drunk and behaving badly under the influence of drink and being a drain on public resources in many forms including taking up hospital time over drink related illnesses and police time.
I would further lay blame on these same supermarkets for enticing young people to drink more by cutting prices of alcohol to such a low level.

It’s been approximated by experts that supermarkets are losing about eight pence on each can of lager sold at such low costs.
It’s obvious that all these people care about is monopolising the market and lining their pockets with everyone’s cash, and not about the bearing such cheap booze is having on our society.

Can’t they see the hospitals full of drunkards stained with blood, our country’s police force struggling to contain violent behaviour promoted by booze, and no decent person daring to venture into town at night for fear of encountering a boozed up group of young people who have lost the ability to make proper decisions, and just want to be a nuisance?

Come on supermarkets, take your rose tinted glasses off, look at the bigger picture, and admit that you are the ones responsible for our country becoming a dream land for booze heads. Stop this idiotic price war to get the most people to buy their alcohol from your supermarkets.
I for one am pleased that the government have increased tax on booze!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. There has been an increase in alcohol-fueled violence ever since alcohol has been available at such low prices at our supermarkets and also a rise in alcohol related illnesses such as liver disease. The only think that will put this to an end I feel, is if the government introduces a law that would prevent supermarkets selling alcohol at below the cost price!

Jay Khan said...

Thanks for your comments, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one thinkinkg this way.